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Hitech Technology has achieved a reputed position in supplying an extensive range of products according to the demands and satisfaction of our customer. Its the ‘EPS’ advantage that makes us unique.

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It is our constant endeavor to match and surpass our client expectations through development and up gradation of our work approach.

Every member of our company is dedicated towards achievement of maximum customer satisfaction and company goals

An embedded team culture in all our work processes so as to promote new ideas.

Research and designing of new manufacturing processes have resulted in development of innovative products for our clients.

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This is a very practical issue that has been faced by many a clients who deal with manufacturing  firms and do not get products that are up to their expectations. However, we request you not to take us  under the same gamut. To prove ourselves, we always offer free demonstration of our samples. This sample is similar to the required item. It is requested that only after scrutinizing our samples and gauging our quality standards to your satisfaction, you can move further to take a decision regarding your further association with us.  

In order to evaluate the performance of a given automotive part, you have to look at the following

  • First, the quality of appearance that includes color, integrity and gloss
  • Secondly, look for the accuracy between the relative positions and dimensions, that is the positional and dimensional accuracy
  • Thirdly, the chemical, electrical and mechanical properties that correspond to the application of product, that is the functionality.

Thus, is there is a problem in any of the above mentioned three areas, it can lead to product defects.

Following are some factors that affect the pricing of an automotive component: 

  • The shape and size of the product is simple or complex. This determines the kind of corresponding structure of the mold, which is then directly related to its cost.
  • The appearance of the automotive part, normal request and high requirement has completely different processing costs.
  • The structure and size of the mold is also affected by the mold cavity number- whether its one cavity or multi cavity.
  • The mold life and its annual volume along with the steel that is used in its manufacture also has a direct impact on its costing. 

Hitech technology has an excellent technological team with years of experience under its belt. The
company uses the latest engineering software for directly taking your CAD model into the mold design
quickly. Besides, Hitech has many up to date types of equipment in its manufacturing line. Every product
is evaluated carefully as per strict standards and quality control management. This is done to ensure high quality of all the products.

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