Hydraulic Adapter Fittings & Manufacturers in India

Hydraulic Adapter Fittings & Manufacturers in India

Hydraulic adapters are the fittings that are used for connecting hydraulic pipes and hoses to hydraulic cylinders, valves, pumps, and various other [arts of hydraulic system. It often operates under high pressure. Thus, they need to be versatile, reliable and sturdy for safe and effective operation in their application. Though these hydraulic adapters may seem like a small fitting, choosing the right one is an important task. Every hydraulic accessory made by hydraulic adapters manufacturers in India has to follow a strict stand standard in terms of structure, pressure and size specifications.

What are the different material types in hydraulic adapters?

Different hydraulic adapters differ from each other in terms of materials and types of fittings and hoses. It is the material that the adapter is made of that decided the performance of the same. The most common hydraulic fittings are made of:

Iron and carbon steel: Iron fittings are made from a mix of iron with other metals so as to improve their durability and improvement in the heat resistance. For example, Iron and carbon are most commonly used for making carbon steel hydraulic fittings.

Stainless steel: These fittings are required in places where the use environment is of a highly corrosive nature. In addition, these fittings are also used in the food industry.

Brass: Though these fittings are not as durable as the stainless steel hydraulic fittings, they can provide a leakage free operation when used in a low pressure range. Most of the brass fittings made by hydraulic adapters manufacturer in India comply with the ISO, SAE, DOT, JIS and DIN standards.

What are O- rings?

O-rings are used by the hydraulic adapters all over the world for sealing connections. These O rings are used in the front of the hydraulic adapter fittings to eliminate any leakage caused in the system due to high pressure hydraulic system usage. This O ring is located usually in the grooves of the fitting surface. Further, these elastic seals help in providing a leak proof fitting that help in eliminating hydraulic leakage when implemented properly. Not only does this help in leakage control, these O rings have an excellent vibration resistance too. Other advantages of O ring hydraulic adapters include unlimited reusability, easy assembly, easy to maintain and replace components, and a higher pressure rating.

Choose the right hydraulic fittings manufacturers in India for your application who will guide you regarding which adapter to choose for what pressure.

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