Types of hydraulic adapters & fittings suppliers

Types of hydraulic adapters & fittings suppliers

Hydraulic adapters & Hydraulic fittings manufacturers in Faridabad

Hydraulic adapter is a type of hydraulic fitting that is used to join two or more than two threads within a hydraulic system. Mostly thread of different components that are joined by the adaptors are of different size and shape. Adapters are used to connect the components that are different in size. Hydraulic adaptors are designed and manufactured in such a way that they can match two or more threads of different sizes and yet prevent leakage of hydraulic fluid from the system. Actually, this is the main objective of using hydraulic adaptors to prevent leakage of pressurized fluid that is flowing within a hydraulic system. This is done to maintain the pressure or force of the liquid in a hydraulic system. Depending on the material, type of connections, type of thread, type of compression and seals – there are a wide range of hydraulic adaptors available in the market.

Types of hydraulic adapter:-

There are different types of hydraulic adapter that are classified depending on the material they are made of. Mostly hydraulic adapters are made of Aluminium, Brass, Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel and Polypropylene. Depending on type of fluid that is used in a hydraulic system and operational conditions like temperature and pressure perfect adapter material have to be chosen for that hydraulic system.

There are different types of adapters depending on the type of threads of connecting components. As we have said adapters are used for connecting components of hydraulic system. As there are different components in hydraulic installations including hose, cylinders, pressure pumps etc. and they come in variety of specifications, hydraulic adapters of different dimensions and designs are used in hydraulic systems. Moreover, there are different types of hydraulic adapters for connecting different parts of hydraulic system. Like conversion adapters are used to connect different standards of tubes and pipes but pressure gauge adapters are used to connect pressure gauges of different standard during installation.

Apart from these adapters there are other types like the test point adapters. These adapters are capable of connecting two or more components of hydraulic system under pressure. There are flexible hydraulic adapters that are capable of moving during operation of hydraulic system that too without causing any fault to the system or the connecting components.

Depending on various factors you need to choose the right hydraulic adapter from so many different types that are available in market to ensure flawless operation.

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